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I am Beth Chin, author of Being Mixed - A Visual Guide on Mixed Identity. Working internationally as an artist, teacher, and founder of All Related Art, a multiracial and ethnic community project in Hamburg, which wishes to dissolve struggles associated with that question of belonging by creating a platform through art to communicate, create, and provide a basic need for community and family, I am excited to share my work with you in whichever way you wish to learn or advocate for a multicultural world. Please feel free to explore, share, and enjoy my online tools and guides.


Yours sincerely,

Beth Chin



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"The illustrations presented in this book offer a visual guide in understanding multiculturalism; pushing the limitations of self-identity with an overarching goal of attaining social humanism. An excellent resource for educators, this book will prompt classroom discussion amongst adolescents and across disciplines as we aim to transcend the boundaries of racial and gender paradigms. Reflections on my own multicultural upbringing were supported by the simple, yet powerful illustrations as I turned each page in Beth Chin’s book. "

Jessica M Ruiz, EdD | Higher Education | Program Evaluation | Critical Race Theory


"Creativity and imagery really can open new windows of understanding. The illustrations that Beth uses to explain the mixed race experience will certainly simplify ideas that many academics and advocates have been writing about for years. The simple combination of varying colors attached to a statement like "Multiracial people can range between any level of appearance between the two parents" is powerful and helps demonstrate society's misunderstandings related to phenotype in a much deeper way. There are so many diagrams that I would love to use with the parents of mixed race teens with whom I work, and I am certain many mixed race teens would immediately be able to better verbalize their experiences by referring to these visual explanations."

Dr. Jennifer Noble, Psychologist | Professor | Champion for all marginalized communities and the parents trying to raise children within them.



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